Sunday, September 20, 2009

Florida Keys Beach Wedding

When searching for the perfect wedding location, the Florida Keys often comes out on top. With beautiful romantic sunsets, fantastic weather and amazing picturesque settings, a wedding in the Florida Keys will be simply unforgettable.

There are several beautiful areas within the Florida Keys that you can get married in and each has its own appeal. Here you will find out more about some of those different areas and what you can expect from them.

Key Largo - Saying "I Do" in Front of a Turquoise sea backdrop

If your main goal is to be surrounded by beauty when you get married then Key Largo is definitely the right area for you. A wedding on the beach is what many couples dream of and for you it could become a reality as you say "I Do" standing on the warm white sands of Key Largo.

If you will be traveling without children then a great place to look into would be the Kona Kai Resort. It is one of the most romantic resorts on the island and the setting is truly beautiful.

Key West - A Unique Destination for the Perfect Wedding

Key West is possibly the most popular wedding destination in the Florida Keys. It has a large choice of some of the most romantic locations. Imagine getting married on a boat overlooking the famous Key West sunset. Or maybe you'd prefer to say your vows in an historic property? Maybe a garden wedding would be your ideal choice as you surround yourselves with tropical flowers and beautiful trees. The choice is yours and if you combine the wedding with your honeymoon then Key West is definitely one of the best locations to get married in.

The Advantages of Getting Married in the Florida Keys

There are so many advantages to getting married in the Florida Keys. First, you will be able to have more guests there as it is not as far for everybody to travel.

Due to the fact that the Florida Keys are popular for weddings, it leaves you with an almost unlimited choice when it comes to choosing your perfect wedding. Cost wise you should also find that you can get a great wedding package for less than $2000. It obviously will depend upon what you want and how many people will be attending. However if you wish you can have a small wedding with just a couple of witnesses for very little money.

The main advantage of course is the scenery. You get the tropical climate and beautiful scenery of the Carribean without having to actually leave the country. Feel the warm white sand underfoot as you say your vows against a beautiful turquoise blue sea. It really doesn't get more perfect than that!

Overall, a Florida Keys wedding is definitely worth looking into. If you combine your honeymoon and wedding together then it will also save you money. There is plenty to see and do in the Keys and it is difficult to find a more beautiful wedding location.

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