Monday, September 21, 2009

Printable Layered Invitations

Tired of looking at the same old wedding invitation choices? Try something different, create your own gorgeous, layered invitations using unique and bold holiday colors.

One of the most delightful aspects of using printable layered invitations for your holiday wedding and wedding events is the color palate to choose from. Here are three of the most popular color palates for holiday celebrations:

1. Vibrant Earth Tones: Bring on the bronzes, browns and flame oranges! For your layered look choose a backer card in one of these earth tones and then layer on a cream invitation card. Then experiment with bold colored ribbon or ribbon edged in silver or gold. So for example, use a bronze backer, a cream invitation printed with brown ink and then accent it with a burnt sienna ribbon. Or try a flame orange backer, a cream invitation card printed with dark orange ink and then an ivory ribbon edged with gold.

2. Bold Holiday Colors: Think red, green, and silver! So for your layered holiday look, choose a red backer card, a white invite card with red ink and accent it with a silver ribbon-- or for a dramatic look, choose a black ribbon that has silver edging. For the truly unique, you can use an emerald green shimmer backer, a white card printed with black ink and accented with a black ribbon edged in silver.

3. Formal Elegance: For a variation on the traditional, use silver, black, or pearl layered invitations. So for example, use a silver shimmer backer card with a white invite card printed with black ink and a silver ribbon. Black can be dressed up in bold colors or in understated elegance. You may use a black backer card, a white invite card and a bold red ribbon for a formal holiday feel. Or use a black backer card, a cream invite card and an ivory ribbon for a sophisticated look. Pearl backer cards can be accented with colored ribbon of your choice or matched with ivory or cream for a lovely, refined feel.

So be creative and unique with the invitations for your wedding, rehearsal dinners and any other events. Make a statement that suits you as a couple and will surprise and delight your guests!

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