Sunday, September 20, 2009

Southern California Beach Wedding Faves

Why is Southern California so popular for destination weddings? The answer is simple: wedding beach locations. Couples pay good money to vacation and recreate near the coastal zones. Whether it's the amazing and beautiful scenery of Laguna Beach, San Diego, or Orange County, beach weddings are here to stay. With the delicate, gentle breeze running through your hair, a wedding on the beach is hard to forget.

The first order of business when planning your beach wedding is where and when. Without question, the peak of the wedding season occurs in the summer. Fortunately, the weather is great anytime of the year. Even with the predictably warm weather, it is best to pack some warm clothing in case a cool ocean breeze sneaks up on you.

With your wedding date bookmarked, the next important decision is where. Let's begin with L.A. - a great place for weddings. Head south of downtown LA and you will arrive at Orange County - a total beach paradise for those who love the water. The O.C. is known for it's premiere restaurants, luxury hotels, and fine dining. While your there, make sure to check out Laguna Beach - a seaside resort and artistic community located in southern Orange County. Laguna Beach has some of the most amazing panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean you will ever encounter.

Heading north back to L.A., you have the choice of wedding in Venice, Marina Del Ray, or Santa Monica. Equally beautiful in their own regard, they all have some romantic to offer for the modern bride. Located just north of Playa Del Ray, Marina Del Ray has over 7,000 pleasure boats and yachts, and is surrounded by high-rise luxury Condos, hotels, apartments, shops, and restaurants.

If you prefer a more colorful, hip environment, look no further than Venice Beach. Known for its diverse culture, funky little stores, beachside events, and activity community, Venice is always alive with energy. Fortunately, the beaches are public and guest parking is usually not an issue.

If you are planning an upscale wedding with privacy and luxury then Malibu should be on the top of your list. Located in western Los Angeles, the city of Malibu is a 27-mile strip of Pacific coastline; a beachfront community famous for its warm, sandy beaches, and for being home to countless movie stars and others associated with the So Cal entertainment industries.

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