Monday, September 21, 2009

Unique Wedding Invitations Ideas

Wedding invitations are the best way to add uniqueness to your wedding celebration. Nowadays, with the availability of so many options, unique wedding invitations can be designed within a few clicks! There are many ways to create unique wedding invitations that make the lasting impression on your special day. The choice of unique wedding invitations is very important as it is the best mementos of your grand day. Hence, find quality time to choose the best invitation that reflects your true identity that you both share as a couple. Following are few ideas that may help you to for making the perfect wedding invitations:

Photo Invitation:

Many couples love to put their pictures on their wedding cards on the cover. You can put your pictures in different ways. You can include a full photograph or add just faces on the cards. Use a black and white photograph to give it a classy look or add a colored photograph to make it really catchy.

Invitations with drawings:

Many couples add a number of drawings into their wedding cards. Choose drawings that describe their romantic connection with each other. Add anything from a church, wedding bells, or anything interesting to make your card look really appealing and attractive.

Fun elements can be added:

Nowadays, many couples add some funny elements in their cards to make it look really interesting. You can add a number of things such as confetti, stickers or funny pictures to make a card look really appealing to everyone.

Make your invitation non-traditional:

If you are one of theme who likes to maintain traditions and rituals at wedding then you can choose traditional wedding cards. But, people who are of modern thinking can choose non-traditional way to invite people close to their hearts.

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