Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Unique Wedding Invitations That Will Impress Your Guests

Your wedding invitations give you an early opportunity to define the style of your event. Here are a few ideas on how to make an impression that will resonate with your guests.

The wording and the looks of an invite should be given careful thought because it is one of the most concrete memories you and other people will have of your day. A botched invitation will mar any grand occasion no matter how much you have spent for it. On the other hand, wouldn't it be nice to boast about a nice invitation for a simple event?

Present day couples about to get married are lucky because they have a wide array of designs and materials to choose from. Printed invitations may be the most common option among couples but more unique approaches are beginning to take the spotlight. Unique invitations tend to be non-traditional and are suitable for couples that want to break free from the ordinary. For example, if you are planning a Victorian or Renaissance wedding why not give out scroll invitations? This will make your theme quite authentic from the outset.

A formal wedding can also make do with unique invitations. Instead of just opting for very formal papers with ribbons and embossed designs, why not jazz it up coming up with your very own DVD message to be played by your guests on their computers or DVD players? The presentation can tell them everything they want to know about you as a couple and the event you have planned.

If you are opting for a destination wedding somewhere in the Bahamas then why not send out a passport style invite? You can design it to look like a passport inside and outside with the name of the invited guest inside. Better yet, you can take it a step forward and send out a miniature suitcase with the guest's name on the suitcase tag.

Another unique invitation which is really unusual even at this time and age is for you to rent or even create a hot air balloon carrying a banner with your names and the date of the wedding. You can then all up family and friends who are living in the same small community to watch out for something in the air at a specific time and date.

You can even create a website announcing all preparations as well as the date of the wedding and then send the link to the email addresses of your guests. Just make sure you give them a call afterwards to inquire if they have opened their emails and saw what you sent them.

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